The NOBLE and LOGiC always drank beer.

Noble Ale Works

Noble Ale Works, Anaheim CA

I have never been a beer drinker. I always hated the taste of even the lightest beers, referring the taste to “ear wax” (Disclaimer: I have NEVER tasted ear wax, just what I would imagine it would). A couple years ago I finally succumbed to that “crave” for a beer. LIGHT beer, lets not get crazy. Just as I become comfortable, here I am again, broadening my beer taste pallet. Very slowly I assure you, but still, I am really giving it a go. My oldest cousin has introduced David and I into this world of craft brews. Recently we visited Noble Brewery in Anaheim, Ca. The brewery is super simple, relaxed, and a phenom place to congregate with some friends over flavor filled beers. My favorite part? Taste testers of course! Call it commitment issues I call it keeping my options open. I ordered a “Flight” for $11 which got me 5 tasters of my choice. I went with a light fruit infused beer, a citrusy light yellow colored beer, a heavy milk stout named “Mans Milk”, a coffee milk tasting beer called “Naughty Sauce” and a German ale. Wowzer! Boy was I surprised by these beers this brewery created. Even though it is not my Coors Light I am used to, it was quite good.

Naughty Sauce. A nitro filled beer on tap.

Naughty Sauce, a nitro tapped beer.

David is far more then just obsessed with “Naughty Sauce”; it is comparable to a starbs house coffee. If your ask’n me, that beer, paired with a warm chocolate chip cookie is the ultimate nightcap. The beer “Man’s Milk” has a similar coffee taste as well. But, hold the phone, the fruit infused beer called “Five and Dime”, DEEELLLLIISSSH! It is not overly sweet like most fruity beers; it doesn’t linger on the back of your tongue, and just so yum! Noble also offers different food trucks depending on the day, from coal oven pizzas, sushi rolls, to garlic everything truck. The perfect first brewery if you’re a beginner. If this was a yelp rating I’d give it a 4 star.

The second brewery we migrated to was Bottle Logic. Mind blown just by walking in. Another brewery located smack dab in the middle of industrial warehouses. This small warehouse was nothing less then appealing to the eye. The chemist like aesthetic incorporated into a woodsy feel rocked my world. Bottle Logic has an open sitting area with a walled library in the corner and a small opening into the actual brewery to stand. The carved out wooden barrels as tables and strong, dark metals-… sigh, it was beautiful.

Pog Juice, Hanamachi, Toasted in Tahiti.

Pog Juice, Hanamachi, Toasted in Tahiti.

Now lets get to the beers. I was so impressed with the flavors Bottle Logic had to offer. This time I slowed my roll and only ordered three tasters. (Again, I’m just not ready to commit on the first date, can’t blame a girl.) The first I beer I tasted was Toasted in Tahiti, a coconut, cocoa nib, juice flavored beer. Uh yum! But I love coconut so it was right up my alley. The beer was light in color, light in flavor, and a subtle hint of coconut. The second was Asian rice infused with hibiscus named Hanamachi .This beer was comparable to a Bud Light or Coors, light, tasteless, super clear, and a soft yellow. The third, Pog Juice. This one slapped me silly  with this summery, juice-flavored brew. Highly recommended and was liked by both sides of the party, even the boys.(Not that they would admit to ever liking a “fruity” beer, because that would be so unmanly.)

The boys in a King's chair made of barrels.

The boys in a King’s chair made of barrels.

I am officially open and experimenting with these flavored concoctions. I think sometimes its good to get out of your comfort zone and get your feet wet into the unknown, even if it starts with that sweet little taster. Take a page from me, don’t commit and date those other beers, live life on the wild side!

Fermenters bordered by rows of barreled sours and stout beers.

Fermenters bordered by rows of barreled sours and stout beers.


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