Alex and Aria take the Beach.

aa5A few months back I snapped some photos of a long time high school friend. Alex and her adorable daughter Aria are literally twins. Holy Smokes! We met at the bottom of Thousand Steps beach in sunny Laguna on an early Saturday morning. I wanted to make sure we had the entire beach to ourselves to explore and find the best angles and textures to get that money shot. Alex is ridiculously photogenic, I mean COME ON!!aa6

I loved shooting Alex and Aria walking and playing together, like a causal day at the beach. They were so content playing and dancing in the sand; it was hard to not capture that sweet, toddler glee. We danced up and down the sea foam topped waves, with one close call of a huge wave taking out Alex’s purse. Thousand steps beach has a perfect tablescape of beauty. You’ll find green alge’d rocks with waves crashing over their peak, pale, iridescent brown sand, and continual cascading waves crashing in the background.

Aria drawing in the sand.

Aria drawing in the sand.

I think my job is such a privilege, being able to encapsulate these special moments that are saved by a quick shutter flicking closed. And just like that, in 15 years when Aria is older, Alex has moments to be relived with her. Having a picture for the simplest moments are closer to my heart then the vacations across country or the latest achievement. Sometimes we over look the smallest joys in our life, the joy that isn’t always what most would think are photo worthy. Flash forward 10 years to the moment that was so minor at the time, the photo floods your mind bringing you back to that exact day, the exact moment, like standing in that exact spot in the picture. Talk about evoking some stir of emotion. A photo is a privilege we have to stop time and keep it with us forever. The power of a picture is so commanding. aa3aa1


One comment

  1. You are amazing! Love your photos and love you blogs, especially this one. This is so special to me. Thank you again for capturing these sweet moments. I will keep them forever.


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