To cool for school.

cupcake blog1

Que Lana Del Ray’s  “SUMMERTIME SADNESS”,- because quite frankly, there is some serious sadness going on.

cupcake blog 5

Honestly, where did this summer go? I cannot believe we are 3 weeks into school already. I love my summer activities with the girls. Lots of Swimming shenanigans, double scoop ice creams, library adventures, pottery painting, and cartoon movies. We have the best of times, we are really the three best friends that anyone could have (catch that “Hangover” line). Us girls have so much fun and I love watching their new personalities blossoms or inquisitive questions they throw at me. But summer is now over and school is here, which means routine, homework, and arguments of having to get reading done each day. Unless there are cupcakes, lets be real, sweets ALWAYS solve the problem.

cupcake14 cupcake blog4

Watching Brooklyn and Sophia go through their first day of school excitements and sharing the “Lasts of Summer” activities with them makes me nostalgic about my elementary school days. I love hearing about what they are ecstatic about and what they are more timid about. Picking them up and listening their school filled days with chats about who they sat at second recess with or who is their cubby buddy. I love the car chitchat we have each afternoon. Our favorite times together right now are our afternoon snacks together. First day calls for some homemade cupcakes and a big cup of milk. Does life get any better for a first and third grader?


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