DOUBLE the pleasure, DOUBLE the fun.

The cat is out of the bag, the proclamation has been made, I can finally talk about my cousins being pregnant! Holding in this huge secret has been killing me, mainly because I want to stand on the rooftops and shout it out, all while jumping for joy. Not only am I just excited their pregnant, they are expecting TWINS! Yep, let that sink in for a moment. I’ll give you a minute.

Last night I was so giddy knowing , at dinner, the announcement was being made. Both sets of Ryan’s grandparents were in attendance, while even shedding tears when the cake with the sonogram came out. I got emotional watching my grandma cry hugging both Ryan and Kelsei. This is her first great grand kid and boy will these babies be spoiled! (I cannot wait, I am going to be the coolest cousin ever!)

Ryan and Kelsei have not had an easy feat with pregnancy. Both have been on board to have little nuggets running around since the beginning of their marriage. After being unsuccessful for almost 6 years they decided to bring it to the scientist, aka the IVF embryo specialists. When they brought up going this route, I immediately knew I had to talk to my boss who personally knew a doctor that was known worldwide. After chatting with her about this idea, she told me, Dr. Potter is the magic baby hands that can do the trick. Of course, as soon as the name was said, I was busy texting Kels and telling her all the success stories Dana, my boss, had just recited to me. I was so excited, but yet nervous for them. It was actually kind of mind boggling. Fast forward a few weeks, Ryan and Kelsei went to a seminar and were sold. We went to lunch a few days after they had gone, and the look in their eyes, full of excitement that this was going to happen, happen soon, really soon, filled me with joy seeing how ecstatic they were.



Early May, David, a few cousins, and I were over enjoying the summer, and Kelsei pulls me aside, very suspicious, and comes forehead to forehead with me in the pool. She whispered, “Where starting earlier then we thought, we went to meet with our coordinator and I could be pregnant by the end of summer, but you cannot say a word to anyone.” So I piped down my excitement and carried on like I wasn’t just told crazy good news. The next day, I text her, immediately I knew, we had to document everything. IVF is such a intense experience, when you look back and realize the hard nights you endured, for your sweet bundle of joy, you have the pictures. I wanted to see the pills, the injections, the diet; I wanted to make sure we had how each of them felt in a picture. This will be a “docu-blog”, going through the process of peaks and valleys they experience. I am just keeping it real, showing a personal look at what InVetro Fertilization is. It is not easy, it is a crazy run of emotions these woman go through. You are jacked up on prescriptions preparing your body for a baby. Medication, science, and our bodies are wonderful things these days, being able to put those three together to create a human when our bodies cannot do it on our own.


These are just the beginning of Kelsei’s medications she had to take to prepare her body for the injections. After these pills, she had minimal injections before the big kahuna’s. I am so proud of how strong both Ryan and Kelsei have been from what could be a devastating, tough, helpless time. They carry each other when one is down, a true team.


Head over to their blog to follow their journey: 



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