Hawaiian Shirts and Shaka shakin’


Hawaii was now more then a month ago, but I still feel like I was just there. I had no anticipation of Hawaii, no preconceived notion, in fact the only thing I really knew about Hawaii was the white sand beaches and crystal clear water. I always wondered , as a Californian, why would we go some place that has most of the same qualities we have here. We have beaches, we have sand, we have locals, and we can get fresh fish. Knowing what I know now, it is like calling a dog a cat. I have never considered myself a “beach girl” or someone who loves the beach, to be honest, its pretty low on the totem pole for me. Going in the water is a no go, mainly because its freezing, I cannot see the creatures sharing the water with me, which terrifies me, and I am not a strong swimmer. Okay the last one is slightly exaggerated, but hey, I am not looking to get caught in a riptide. As our vacation was creeping up on us, I realized how fearful I was starting to become knowing we would spend a lot of time in the ocean. I kept reminding my mom that I wouldn’t be able to sit on a beach for seven straight days because I would be bored, but more out of fear of the sea creatures and shark attacks. Listen, I am not one to want to let a limb go, sharks could sense my fear all the way from California and looking up stats of recent attacks was not helping. Then my mind wandered about stingrays, and eels, and yes even harmless little fish, all right I am admitting it got the best of me. I never realized how big of a chicken I was when it came to the unknown. We live life with so much at our hands and experiences to be had, but my fear gets so in my head that it puts me at a halt.


We got to Hawaii and I was instantly taking back saying that California and Hawaii are so much alike. I was pleasantly surprised. We spent a few days snorkeling, yes you are reading that this scaredy-cat actually enjoyed sharing waters with these cute friendly creatures, inspecting their homes, and watching how they feed in schools together. I loved looking at the different designs they had, and hovering over them watching them nibble on the reef. You cant help but wonder the fish life, what if they don’t make it back home do they get into trouble by their parents, do they even have a designated home area, or once they hatch are they just on their own. Another crazy thought is just how many different fish there were, and that was just in my vicinity. Hanauma Bay was by far the coolest reef to snorkel at. Of course, my mom and I were the ones screaming in our snorkel when a school of fish got to close to our bellies, or we would squirm when seeing a huge fish, because you know it was coming to eat us!




Hawaii was really beautiful, the lush jungle like mountains, painted green down every hill and ridge, or the heavy fog that sits atop the peaks, that was one of the coolest sights I have seen. I felt in another country, another mindset, made me feel like I could escape. I really could not get enough. I loved the amount of activities you could do, or you could sit on the beach and eat. Although here was one thing though I couldn’t overcome, island food. I never felt satisfied even after trying all the locals best spots or shrimp trucks, it just wasn’t for me. When my family travels we all agree to no chain food meals, but let me just say, 5 days in we were looking for a cheeseburger, fries, and anything normal. I was tired of purple sweet potatoes, fish, and rice. Everything has rice it is crazy! By the last day we had L&L Hawaiian food and my mom was at Burger King, and let me add, that last lunch on the beach, could not have tasted better. I couldn’t wait to get home and eat food that satisfied me. It was a wonderful vacation that was good for the body, mind, and soul. I cannot wait to be in that Island water again, just floating and basking in the heat.



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