Long hair, it’s time to share.

hair2I chopped it off, chopped it off! (Sing that to the tune of T.Swifts “Shake it off”). Okay now that you reread that and sang it, we can move on. I chopped my hair off! I finally grew some balls and did it. I have been needing a change since about May, but wanted to finish out summer with these long locks. For the majority of my life my hair has been long, as a child, in high school, and now, it has just been a part of my identity. On the contrary, I am not a person who feels hair defines someone. I decided with my friend Raeleen’s cancer occurring again it was my final push to chop it. This is not the first time I have donated my hair. I donated it once in elementary school when I found out about my cousin Tayler’s diagnosis, once in junior high, and this being my third time. I knew I was making a drastic change so I double-checked the length needed on Locks of Love site and committed to the number. 10 whole inches, the lucky number to send in that ponytail to make someone feel a little more comfortable in their own shoes. I don’t do much with my hair as it is. It is either unbrushed in a bun, a crazy high ponytail, or if it’s a special occasion curled. Not often do I actually put my hair to its highest potential. Cutting it, donating it, and putting it to a wig is using my hair to its fullest potential. So off it went.

hair3 hair1

In a previous post I talked how there are multiple things we can do for those who can’t. When it comes to helping those with an illness there is a handful of things we can do. I signed up with ‘Be the Match’ to be a bone marrow donor. Super easy to do, get a kit, swab those cheeks and bada-boom your set. As a woman, we can donate our hair for those who have lost theirs and still want to feel comfortable in their own skin. We have the luxury of regrowth and hair still on our head even after a cut. These women who have maybe gone through chemotherapy have lost all hair for months at a time. I strongly encourage everyone at least once in your lifetime to donate something so minimal. A haircut is simple! This new do’ I got going has invigorated me. It sounds silly but sometimes having a fresh start and a new style can really help with life. Now we are killing two birds with one stone.


All iPhone pictures not taken by me.

All iPhone pictures (Haircut, color, and style by Brigette Beverage at Luca Bella Salon in Yorba Linda, CA)

Go sign up on Bethematch.org to get your donor kit to help save a life and if your hair is long enough switch it up and go for the chop to help someone else rock those locks! All information on hair donation, rules and regulations is at locksoflove.org


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