C is for Crazy


Family is a staple in my life. I was raised playing in the gardens of my grandparent’s houses, cooking up new recipes with my grandma’s, and running amuck playing games with my cousins or sister. I am lucky I still have both sets of grandparents alive and completely present in mine and my cousin’s life. In fact, they have Facebook, but I refuse be friend’s with them, that is just weird.

This past Thanksgiving, my dad’s entire side of the family came from all ends of the country to celebrate this very special holiday in my family’s home. The east coasters showed up, Norcal natives, and recent Coloradoan made the trek to warm southern California. I could not wait to have the entire side of this family together. I had asked my dad when the last time our entire family was together and neither of us could remember the last time. This special occasion of family called for family pictures. I sent out a group text and everyone was on board. This year my grandparents will celebrate 60 years of marriage so pictures were not an option.


The troops gathered in a beautiful, sunny ravine Thanksgiving afternoon and that tripod and canon were put to use. A handful of good shots were made but a majority of even better blooper photos came out. Trying to get everyone to smile and not be mid crack up was tough work. It was so fun!

I am not sure if the pictures are more special or the moments we had taking them. It is something my entire family will have as a treasure to look back on. I am so so so lucky to have these girls for cousins, these men for uncles, and some of the most loving grandparents. To say I wasn’t ‘Thankful’ this holiday would be a understatement. Love these crazy Cordesius’s to the moon.



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