“Like wildflowers; You must allow yourself to grow in all places people thought you never would”- E.V.

We are all guilty of confining ourselves to others ideas of what we can be or should be. We think we can’t go right because someone said we are only able to stay left. We can only jump so high because someone else said so. We under value and under estimate our worth, our ability, and our own opinion. It is so easy to stay in the small box someone else has put us in. You grow, persevere, and sprout when we no longer let ourselves be contained. Those opinions of others no longer matter. You aspire to be the tallest wildflower in the field because you said so. So you do. You grow and grow and exceed goals, accomplishments, milestones, that others shook their finger too. And how good does it feel? It feels incredible to say “Hey world, I did it. I accomplished what you said I could not.”

Allow yourself to grow. Allow your ideas to transform. Allow your own destiny to take form by your thoughts and no one else’s. It is so easy to stay in that box, but don’t, be the wildflower that grows.


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