Monday’s seem to be the best day for solid motivation. It doesn’t matter if your working out, finishing a homework assignment, cascading into a busy work week, or just looking for a pick-me-up, Monday’s seem to be the go-to day. Did you know Pinterest most pinned pins on a Monday are all about motivation? Makes sense, how often do we put off a diet till Monday, a new fitness routine, or doodle out an extensive list of things to do. So here I am, deciding to do a #MantraMonday. I love a good quote, motivating word, or just a serious dose of reality. They do something for me, so maybe I could do something for you. Without further or do, here it is friends, our first #MondayMantra.

Believe; v: to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.

Belief is where ideas, dreams, and goals start and end with. We have to believe in ourselves to get the dream rolling, and it rolls because we once believed in our self. But belief isn’t just about our own thoughts towards it; I strongly believe it can take one person believing in your dream or goal that makes the biggest impact. How often do we contemplate an action, a desire, or even a wild idea that you want to bring to life? We all have little ideas in our head that don’t get vocalized because we are scared or timid what others might think, they might not believe in something the same way you do. Rejection is uncomfortable and scary; no one likes to feel shot down. What we look for is someone to believe in us, to reassure our ideas, our wants, our aspirations. One person is your game changer, to push yourself and believe in yourself. One person to say they believe in you. Whether it is a stranger who believes in you, a friend, a significant other, or even your mom, it doesn’t matter. Being believed in feels good. My challenge to you is to always believe in yourself. Have trust and faith in your story and the road your supposed to be on. You will have much more Negative Nancy’s then you’d like, so hold on to your belief. My second challenge, believe in someone. Reach out and show someone that you believe in them, tell them, or show your support. That person could need the belief more then you know. You could be the only yes in a sea of no’s. We don’t know our end story, we don’t know the book written for us, but we do know that when you believe you receive what you need.


Getting the feels for this blog thing.


Hi, my name is Kaitlan. I am almost positive I have yet to introduce myself to my blog, so here I am. A post about me seems the hardest to type. Again, a 10-minuete gap between these sentences because I really don’t know what anyone cares to know about me, or would find “interesting”. Actually lets just throw that out the window. I suppose I don’t actually care what interests you, but this blog is more for me? Again, I don’t know. This whole “blog life” kind of sends me for a loop. One minute I feel as if I should write with less then mediocre vocabulary, amp-ing up my English skills I was taught in high school, but I don’t talk that way. A blog is a written and visual representation of yourself so who am I kidding. I use a lot of “likes”, “totes”, and “yesssssss” but that over a blog will be immediate classification of white girl meets valley girl. I am not kidding when I say I’ve lost sleep on how I portray myself to the reader. You read on sites how important it is to classify your audience and find your niche directing your topics, ideas, and wording toward them. Says who? Who made up this rule? What if I want to be me whole-heartedly? So here I am. With my arms wide open, well not literally but you get where I am going with this. I haven’t found the navigation I am taking my blog, I don’t have the grammar of J.K Rowling, and I sure as heck have a run on sentence or two. I actually blame that for my excitement at times of writing. I get really enthusiastic and pack that sentence in with every ounce of detail. I’ll work on it for those of you it drives nuts.


Ok what else is noteworthy of me? I have always loved to take pictures. I would say I have been snapping since I was in junior high. Off all my friends, I found myself always documenting even the mundane moments. Vacations with my family I was shooting away, even taking a digger in New York for the perfect Lady Liberty shot. Cue blue and purple bruise down my leg from the icy snow I slipped on. It seemed every other year I was asking for a new camera for Christmas, wanting the most recent and best quality out there. I just have always loved it. I wouldn’t ever say I saw myself wanting to take pictures of others. I didn’t think that was an option. I figured I would be doing a 9-5 job feeling okay but never creatively inspired. Fast forward to April of this year and I decided to try out this photography thing. I had no real training, no lessons, nothing. I had taught myself manual mode and stuck with it. I shot my first couple, and don’t think I ever felt more excited. It was fun! I felt I could convey my thoughts and ideas in their movements and poses. That was my test in my head if I could even handle it. It was foreign to me, a lot of it still is. Photography, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, are game changing tools. I have completely opened my eyes to being inspired, finding shots I love, locations I see people at, literally anything. My mind races a mile a minute with things, people, places, I want to shoot. I have no idea where my camera and I will travel too, or where this journey will take us, but I am alright with that. I feel good about who I am becoming what I have been striving for. I want to better myself in my work and as a whole. I am learning that being stretched into vulnerability and unknown spots is good. It is all part of growth. Not everything is rainbows and butterflies but what I have done and what I have failed at led me to this spot I am in now. I will try and share a blog every once in awhile about me, or what is going on in my life. A little less about the photos more about me.