Falling for Fall

Holy moly it has been awhile since I have wrote a blog or two lately. I seem to be on that busy train and can’t  get off. With the holidays here in full swing, family events to attend, as well as working my life has been less then wide open. But no excuses, I have a handful of blogs coming your way that make me very excited and eager to get back into the swing of things.


Recently I did a fun fall shoot with a friend I had met through David. Erika and her son Noah were complete naturals in front of the camera. It was so easy to tell the love Noah had for his momma. He was so comfortable showing me just how much he cherished Erika by the way he would hold onto her or look at her. It was something very sweet and special.

I love special shoots like this, capturing their relationship at this stage. I personally prefer the imperfections of children that make them perfect. I like goofy, awkward smiles, missing teeth, and true belly laughs in a picture. It is not always glamorous during a photo session but a story being told.


It was safe to say this fall I really fell for fall. I love this season in all its beauty of rich, warm colors and cooler days (unless you live in Southern California of course).

Winter is here my friends as well as Christmas knocking on the door, ready or not we are in peak holiday season. Talk to you soon =]




When your girlfriend from high school has a baby, you cannot help but still feel like 15 year olds. This cant be, are we at the age of babies and weddings? I feel like nothing has changed when I see high school friends. We are still the goofy, pranksters we were in high school together. Then reality hits, we are in our mid 20’s (I could cringe saying that), and boy do some of my friends reproduce beauties! Jamie, my neighbor, and fellow girlfriend in high school has lived in Texas since we graduated. Finding out she is home for a few months with her new bundle of joy, I couldn’t wait!


Seeing Jamie, it felt like nothing had changed. I spent afternoons after school at her house assembling ASB spirit shirts, getting ready Friday nights for football games, and even an occasional pool party. She was one of the girls, you knew at the end of the day had your back. I am not sure I contained myself when seeing her, giving her a bear hug and gaping over Brycen, her 3 week old. His head is smothered in dark, soft fuzz, and those kissable, slobbered red lips. I love the smell of a newborn, who doesn’t? In the midst of our chatting she picks him up, throws him in my arms and gets his bottle ready. Is this now how we are chatting? It was so surreal, but so beautiful to see my party girl be an amazing mom, doesn’t think twice using her maternal instincts. I loved watching her interact with him, so gentle.

We decided to set up an impromptu photo shoot in her front yard. She wanted to capture his one-month picture and some fall/ Halloween looks for him. Little Frankenstein was one cute guy. I cannot wait to watch these to grow together. I am so happy for you James.


Fallin’ for Fall.

Pumpkin spice lattes, flannels, and boots. All these things are the beating heart of fall, unless you live in southern California. We can all agree we pretend to dress the part and embrace the coziness this season should have. Instead, we sweat in our layered flannel and combat boots and lather on our deep plum lip colors sipping our PSL’s. At times I find myself so angry at our California season, as in singular, one. It is 85 degrees today and we are three quarters of the way through October. I am living vicariously through my cousin’s in Chicago, Virginia, and those I follow on Instagram that get to photograph actual seasons in crunchy leaves and heavy fog over corn fields that are more then show. Excuse my serious scenic envy for a second. I love our warm sun, but I desperately miss chilly mornings and bundling up around a bonfire at night. Plus, I could justify my boot obsession to David, my boyfriend, why you can never have to many.


Kelsey, a fall fanatic as crazy as me, was looking to capture her favorite people along side her favorite season. So we booted up and headed to the Yucaipa pumpkin patch. We played along side the eggplant colored sunflowers, trespassed into the ripening pumpkins still growing on the vine, and yes we were the ones who actually could not get out of the corn maze. Watching Parker’s excitement of touching the pumpkins and showing off his muscles picking them up was the cutest. Watching a child’s excitement makes me feel just as excited as they are about holidays. Parker gleamed showing his momma the perfect pumpkin he wanted or bolting around each corner of the maze wanting to learn the new clue. Lets not forget Drew’s wheel barrel rides that had Parker giggling the entire time. We had such a fun day together. I am so lucky to capture such sweet moments of the three of them together.

a candid

a candid