When your girlfriend from high school has a baby, you cannot help but still feel like 15 year olds. This cant be, are we at the age of babies and weddings? I feel like nothing has changed when I see high school friends. We are still the goofy, pranksters we were in high school together. Then reality hits, we are in our mid 20’s (I could cringe saying that), and boy do some of my friends reproduce beauties! Jamie, my neighbor, and fellow girlfriend in high school has lived in Texas since we graduated. Finding out she is home for a few months with her new bundle of joy, I couldn’t wait!


Seeing Jamie, it felt like nothing had changed. I spent afternoons after school at her house assembling ASB spirit shirts, getting ready Friday nights for football games, and even an occasional pool party. She was one of the girls, you knew at the end of the day had your back. I am not sure I contained myself when seeing her, giving her a bear hug and gaping over Brycen, her 3 week old. His head is smothered in dark, soft fuzz, and those kissable, slobbered red lips. I love the smell of a newborn, who doesn’t? In the midst of our chatting she picks him up, throws him in my arms and gets his bottle ready. Is this now how we are chatting? It was so surreal, but so beautiful to see my party girl be an amazing mom, doesn’t think twice using her maternal instincts. I loved watching her interact with him, so gentle.

We decided to set up an impromptu photo shoot in her front yard. She wanted to capture his one-month picture and some fall/ Halloween looks for him. Little Frankenstein was one cute guy. I cannot wait to watch these to grow together. I am so happy for you James.