Fire-breathing Dragons

The past couple of weeks have been so exciting in regards to Imagine Dragons happenings. Two weeks ago David and I had got exclusive tickets to an Imagine Dragons music video shoot. That description was so far off. I was thinking okay this is cool we will get to be apart of something special and have that memory together. What was actually being taped was far from an upcoming single. Target people, Target! Not only is this every woman’s favorite store, it was one of the epic cd release commercials Target does. I started thinking of Justin Timberlake’s Target commercial and how cool that was. My fan girl was dying inside. Poor David had to deal with me fan girling on the inside for the next 6 hours. After signing legal papers to keep my mouth shut about anything happening we were escorted into a club like space. There were huge cut outs of the new cd cascading on the red velvet walls and a long table of gourmet sandwiches, drinks pouring, and candy to our liking. I could not believe it. Not because of the space but because I love a buffet. On the other side of the room were multiple vanity’s set up with a makeup artist and products provided by NYX. Hair, makeup, and styling all provided to look your very best. The down side to all this (like there actually is a down side?)? No cameras, no phones, no possible way to document any of this. We did have the opportunity to partake in an interactive photo booth, documenting the day. So much fun! We also got to listen to the cd first, which only made my patience worse; I wanted the cd that day! After basking in the “Experience” room for a few hours we finally made our way to the outside stage. We were in the middle of Freemont Street, Las Vegas and the taping began. Imagine Dragons performed their new song live a handful of times and announced this will be the commercial and released during the Grammys. Uhm what? This day consisted of continual dying! Calm on the outside, exploding on the inside. We parted with our pictures and a signed album cover plaque gifted to us. It was a waiting game till we got to see the final cut. That was well worth the 8 hours we drove in one day. David and I divulged in our day and what had just happened.



Cut to this past Friday and we are rocking out to Imagine Dragon’s new songs off their just released album and singing to the oldies but goodies. Let me back up how we wound up in the middle of 300 other lucky fans. If you know my mom, she is the queen of winning contests, concerts you name it on the radio. She actually should go to rehab for the addiction, but I can’t complain because at times I can benefit from it. She has radio luck. We asked her to try and call in to the times KROQ said to win these tickets, and bada boom she won. She gifted these tickets to David and I and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. We loved the intimate concert at the Troubadour. Dan was taking requests of what we wanted to hear, having conversations, hugging fans in the crowd, and story telling about trials with his momma who was in the audience along side his wife and daughter. It was a concert I will probably ever experience again in a venue that small. If I didn’t love Imagine Dragons before, my love has exploded into a whole new verb.