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(From Left to Right: Nixon Canvas, 1902 wing tipped men's shoes, Prada cologne, Locally Made Tee. Active socks, GoPro)

(From Left to Right: Nixon Canvas, 1902 wing tipped men’s shoes, Prada cologne, Locally Made Tee. Active socks, GoPro)

I am going to keep it totally real and admit, I have been the worst this Valentine’s Day. But thank goodness I have a few more days. I always have cute ideas and weeklong surprise gifts in my head that would be placed in the most unexpected spot or unlikely time but my execution sucks! So I add it to the rolodex for next year. I like to think of this holiday as fun gifts that I want David to have not so much what he needs or he’s asked for like Christmas. Is that selfish of me? Hmm, maybe but most likely he’s coming up on a pair of shoes or a nice button down so who is the real loser in this situation. I thought of a few ideas I have done or would do for him on a smaller holiday such as Singles awareness day.


  1. A nice pair of shoes- here’s the deal I got David these wing toed shoes our first Valentine’s (cue the “awe”) and I was terrified to give these to him. In fact I knew it wouldn’t be like an “Oh these are exactly what I’ve been wanting”. No, the guy at Nordstrom had to hold my hand through the purchase even giving me outfit ideas for these. But, can I just toot my own horn? David gets the most compliments on these vivacious red shoes and every time I squirm inside doing the happy dance. Now, these are not for everyone, but sometimes you need a little spice in your walk. So I say, go for it.
  2. A comfortable fitted tee- I want this t-shirt for myself. It is so soft, made local in LA, and did I say soft. I bought this at Cloth&Metal, a men’s only store in SoCo shopping area. I could buy the whole store. David and I are both obsessed. Really great quality items as well as basics for the everyday guy.
  3. Cologne- I say this only if you want to splurge a tad. Who doesn’t love a good smelling guy, I mean come on. So, this is self-explanatory.
  4. Casual watch- I say casual because I think the fancy more dressy watches should be saved for  a anniversary or Christmas. This is a black canvas strap watch made by Nixon and I love it. It matches everything and it’s all black. My cup of tea! David can put it on and complete an outfit even if its Vans, plain shirt and some jeans, it just works. This watch also comes in army green, which is just as nice. Do it.
  5. Socks- I mean who doesn’t love a fun printed pair of socks. Active always have great socks for a great price. Fun prints, good quality, sold and sold
  6. GoPro- Okay I put this in here for accessories. I think a GoPro is a little extreme for this holiday but hey girl you want to get that do you and get it! Guaranteed he will gush over it. But I think fun gifts for a guy who has one or is active are things like chest straps, the floater case, selfie stick (another selfish want). There are so many fun things to do with these you cannot go wrong.



Hopefully this has helped with some last minute shoppers like me. I hope you all have a very LOVED day even if you don’t have a significant other. Go have a girl date or take yourself on a date! Love is love.


P.S Who isn’t in love with this Maroon 5 Video? Thought it was fitting for this post. uhhhb-sessed.


C is for Crazy


Family is a staple in my life. I was raised playing in the gardens of my grandparent’s houses, cooking up new recipes with my grandma’s, and running amuck playing games with my cousins or sister. I am lucky I still have both sets of grandparents alive and completely present in mine and my cousin’s life. In fact, they have Facebook, but I refuse be friend’s with them, that is just weird.

This past Thanksgiving, my dad’s entire side of the family came from all ends of the country to celebrate this very special holiday in my family’s home. The east coasters showed up, Norcal natives, and recent Coloradoan made the trek to warm southern California. I could not wait to have the entire side of this family together. I had asked my dad when the last time our entire family was together and neither of us could remember the last time. This special occasion of family called for family pictures. I sent out a group text and everyone was on board. This year my grandparents will celebrate 60 years of marriage so pictures were not an option.


The troops gathered in a beautiful, sunny ravine Thanksgiving afternoon and that tripod and canon were put to use. A handful of good shots were made but a majority of even better blooper photos came out. Trying to get everyone to smile and not be mid crack up was tough work. It was so fun!

I am not sure if the pictures are more special or the moments we had taking them. It is something my entire family will have as a treasure to look back on. I am so so so lucky to have these girls for cousins, these men for uncles, and some of the most loving grandparents. To say I wasn’t ‘Thankful’ this holiday would be a understatement. Love these crazy Cordesius’s to the moon.


Falling for Fall

Holy moly it has been awhile since I have wrote a blog or two lately. I seem to be on that busy train and can’t  get off. With the holidays here in full swing, family events to attend, as well as working my life has been less then wide open. But no excuses, I have a handful of blogs coming your way that make me very excited and eager to get back into the swing of things.


Recently I did a fun fall shoot with a friend I had met through David. Erika and her son Noah were complete naturals in front of the camera. It was so easy to tell the love Noah had for his momma. He was so comfortable showing me just how much he cherished Erika by the way he would hold onto her or look at her. It was something very sweet and special.

I love special shoots like this, capturing their relationship at this stage. I personally prefer the imperfections of children that make them perfect. I like goofy, awkward smiles, missing teeth, and true belly laughs in a picture. It is not always glamorous during a photo session but a story being told.


It was safe to say this fall I really fell for fall. I love this season in all its beauty of rich, warm colors and cooler days (unless you live in Southern California of course).

Winter is here my friends as well as Christmas knocking on the door, ready or not we are in peak holiday season. Talk to you soon =]

The Catalina Wine Mixer


Having a destination stuck on my heart is common for me. My laundry list of places, spaces, and excursions I want to do has gotten out of hand. Maybe to much Pinterest or location stalking on Instagram is to blame. Most of these places I just “have to see” I know nothing about, not even its location. In my book it is a must, making it a landmark to check off and snap a cool photo of, hoping along the way there are other cool things. When traveling, I try now to immerse myself into being a local. This ‘Local’ idea was always pushed when vacationing to New York City with my family. Hunting to find the regular’s hole-in-the-wall Italian joint, or the tiny burger shop that is sketchier then bartering with street vendors. We love to venture off the beaten path trying to find the place that is “The One”. But lately, when going somewhere, I have no idea what this place has to do, eat, offer, nothing. I go in clueless, and I’m okay with that.


David and I took a weekday off and headed out to Catalina Island earlier this month. I had wanted to go for a few years. If you asked me why, I couldn’t tell you. My parents had bought me two Catalina Flyer passes for my birthday, so we put them to use and headed out. We both got off the boat and gave each other a laugh because we had zero expectations or even a clue what we would fill our day with till the boat picked us back up at 4:30. So we just started walking. If you have been to Catalina, you know that you cannot go far. With the length of the island being a little over a mile, we were sure to hit every tourist attraction and then some on our jaunt. We decided to jump on a golf cart and go on Mr. Toad’s wild ride. I’m kidding, although David likes to scare me because I am such a chicken and worry wart. His sharp turns, my karaoke, and lots of belly laughs filled our hour of quick sight seeing. The coziness of some houses, character that shaped some, and the lack of cars kept my eyes satisfied. It was such a fun hour we had together. David, not one who is into pictures had me cracking up, trying to satisfy my photo needs with a simple drive by, slowing down then off we went.


We stopped and had some fried shrimp and beer after our drive. Hands down the most buttery, fresh, fall off the tail shrimp. After we ate, we walked around the main street, wandering, feeling an escape we both needed. Being on Catalina made me feel like I was not near my home city, feeling far away, something I long for. We strolled down to the south end, stumbling upon a private beach paired with a walk up bar. We grabbed some beers, found a sandy spot and laid there. We didn’t say much for a while, just held hands while lying down. It felt nice to be silent, just listening to crashing waves. At times I forget to be in the moment. Stopping, breathing, taking it in. Before we knew it, our boat was docking to pick us up.


Catalina had no expectations for me, besides simply check it off my list. I had no idea going to a place with not much to do would be so good for the soul. I think David and I both needed a little day date with no agenda. The laughs, the ocean, the drinks, all made for a perfect recipe. Travel the unexpected.

iPhone pictures of our golf cart adventure.

iPhone pictures of our golf cart adventure.

Twice as much to love, two blessings from above.


Watching on the sideline as Ryan and Kelsei go through the experience of being pregnant has been so exciting. When they decided to announce the news to our family and grandparents it finally felt real. I sound as if I’m the one pregnant, but watching the highs and low’s of the nuggets,I feel just as connected. The announcement brought tears to my Noni’s eyes making everyone else feel emotional. Her face of shock and astonishment makes this so exciting to see. These will be her first great grandchildren, just as Ryan was her first grandchild. Watching these hugs that were more then just a hello type of hug, but a truly happy hold for the both of them. I can’t wait for the babies to get here. We are all going to be obsessed, we already are.