new parents

Child’s Play


“Over there my brother would chase me around. Oh, and here we would ride our bikes around all day”, were Kelsei’s words upon driving up to our pregnancy announcement location. This area held a special place in her heart; her childhood nestled in the grass blades along this park. It was a special place to announce her twin girl’s arrival.

Kelsei showed us around the beautiful red barn and told Ryan and I what she would play when she was younger in each nook of the park. I always find it intriguing hearing how people spent their childhood and what was cherished as a child. I think photo-shoot sessions are much more special when the place is special to a client. It is much more then a big red barn, or a long-grass field; it represents a memory not just a posed smile.


If I can be totally honest, this had to be one of the hottest fall days and these two were scorching on the inside. They were such troopers. We did a fall like look with sonograms in tow. We shared a lot of laughs and moved quickly through the park, this soon to be mama was feeling the effects of pregnancy. What mama says goes!

I am getting so excited for the girl’s arrival. We are 4 months shy of seeing those sweet cheeks and baby feet. I cannot wait to spoil those girls with donuts and lots and lots of picture taking just because! Seeing Olive and Etta play around and the same park their momma did, now that is something special.