photo session

Falling for Fall

Holy moly it has been awhile since I have wrote a blog or two lately. I seem to be on that busy train and can’t  get off. With the holidays here in full swing, family events to attend, as well as working my life has been less then wide open. But no excuses, I have a handful of blogs coming your way that make me very excited and eager to get back into the swing of things.


Recently I did a fun fall shoot with a friend I had met through David. Erika and her son Noah were complete naturals in front of the camera. It was so easy to tell the love Noah had for his momma. He was so comfortable showing me just how much he cherished Erika by the way he would hold onto her or look at her. It was something very sweet and special.

I love special shoots like this, capturing their relationship at this stage. I personally prefer the imperfections of children that make them perfect. I like goofy, awkward smiles, missing teeth, and true belly laughs in a picture. It is not always glamorous during a photo session but a story being told.


It was safe to say this fall I really fell for fall. I love this season in all its beauty of rich, warm colors and cooler days (unless you live in Southern California of course).

Winter is here my friends as well as Christmas knocking on the door, ready or not we are in peak holiday season. Talk to you soon =]


Photo face ready

The holidays are in a near arm’s reach while your weekend schedule is completely saturated with holiday festivities and celebrations. With friends and family around, cameras are snapping and selfies are being made. Tis the season, right? But lets just pause for a moment, how many pictures are you taking to get your best angle or how many filters are you adding to brighten up your skin color? Makeup is a make or break for holiday pictures, so lets help a girl out.

Lauren and Lindsay from ‘The BeautyPair’, two twin sisters, are educated makeup artists thriving in the industry. They deliver flawless looks and effortless tips that even a beginner can accomplish. I asked them to help out my readers with makeup tips for upcoming family photos as well as holiday party makeup styles. The BeautyPair filmed a video to explain their tips and reasoning behind each one.


The Tips:

  • Three holiday trends this year are a red bold lip, shimmered eyes, and clean, simple skin.
  • With “glowing skin” on trend, make sure you are only emphasizing on the high points of your face- cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and the center of your forehead. Avoid the highlighter elsewhere.
  • Stay away from over doing it! Pair a bold lip with a neutral eye or bold eye with a nude lip. Do NOT do both.
  • Colored lips or keep them tamed? Neutral is always classic but if you decide to add a pop keep it with a classic red.



I hope you guys found these tips useful for your upcoming photography sessions and holiday party selfies!


*The BeautyPair is on instagram @thebeautypair as well as YouTube-thebeautypair.