Getting a little Juicy!


Let me just say, I am not a person who jumps onboard to do a diet of any sort, let alone a juice cleanse. I like to think eating on the more healthy side is enough. Apparently, it just isn’t enough. I’m writing this now, Day 1, day of doom, worst day of them all so my thoughts, comments, and remarks, may just in fact be that I am hangry.

Day 1- Breakfast was yum, a raw oat, cinnamon, chia seed and blueberry mixture and it was really good. What I did not like was the juice. Spicy lemonade should have been my clue that it will burn going down. I don’t do well with spicy foods let alone ounces of cayenne pepper sizzling my throat. Not my fave, but after a few minuets I mustered up the energy, found some motivational quotes and finished that juice like a boss. Lunch was so good, a white kidney bean salad with avocado, cherry tomatoes, and an oil bad dressing. I give it two thumbs up. For dinner I didn’t follow the meal plan and had some baby shrimp in lemon and olive oil with steamed carrots, broccoli, and sweet potatoes and almond butter. Tonight’s kicker, it is Bachelor night. That means head over to David’s, drink flavored tea and eat Girl Scout Cookies. Bachelor night is like vacation, calories don’t exist so each as much as you want. So tonight, I will be practicing some serious self-control. I also still have my vanilla juice so I hope that will curb my sweet tooth. Hoping tomorrow goes just as smooth!


Day 2- Today was rough, I mean really really rough. I felt like I was an addict getting sober. Withdrawal central. Okay I’m being really dramatic but I barely could finish my morning juice. I swear it was coming back up. Lunch didn’t go well either; the dressing was not good at all. So I skipped lunch entirely. Basically, I starved all day. Which lead to my fatigue. My body wants sugar and substance and 3 In-N-Out double doubles. Not eating led to my demise. I had a shrimp taco and green enchilada for dinner. I’m so mad I caved. But seriously, today was just so bad. My sister has breakfast and lunch prepped for tomorrow and we already know what were doing for dinner so I will try and finish this out strong. But today, I fell flat on my face. Mind over matter mind over matter is what I have to chant.


Day 3- Well, the juices itself went out the window but I ate healthier. So, was it a fail, yes but I did keep healthy eating.


I wouldn’t say this was entirely a fail. I have found that I am open minded about this, I felt very positive the first day and the initial start, but my tongue is sensitive to spice. These types of juices you have to be willing to drink and eat whatever is on the menu. I did learn that portion really is everything and just eating clean. You don’t need butter on your steamed veggies, shrimp with olive oil and lemon is an easy, healthy alternative, and honestly I like my homemade juices better. Would I do a Suja cleanse again? No, I don’t feel it fit my personal needs. It worked for my sister, she loved it, but again personally just wasn’t a fit for me.


The Catalina Wine Mixer


Having a destination stuck on my heart is common for me. My laundry list of places, spaces, and excursions I want to do has gotten out of hand. Maybe to much Pinterest or location stalking on Instagram is to blame. Most of these places I just “have to see” I know nothing about, not even its location. In my book it is a must, making it a landmark to check off and snap a cool photo of, hoping along the way there are other cool things. When traveling, I try now to immerse myself into being a local. This ‘Local’ idea was always pushed when vacationing to New York City with my family. Hunting to find the regular’s hole-in-the-wall Italian joint, or the tiny burger shop that is sketchier then bartering with street vendors. We love to venture off the beaten path trying to find the place that is “The One”. But lately, when going somewhere, I have no idea what this place has to do, eat, offer, nothing. I go in clueless, and I’m okay with that.


David and I took a weekday off and headed out to Catalina Island earlier this month. I had wanted to go for a few years. If you asked me why, I couldn’t tell you. My parents had bought me two Catalina Flyer passes for my birthday, so we put them to use and headed out. We both got off the boat and gave each other a laugh because we had zero expectations or even a clue what we would fill our day with till the boat picked us back up at 4:30. So we just started walking. If you have been to Catalina, you know that you cannot go far. With the length of the island being a little over a mile, we were sure to hit every tourist attraction and then some on our jaunt. We decided to jump on a golf cart and go on Mr. Toad’s wild ride. I’m kidding, although David likes to scare me because I am such a chicken and worry wart. His sharp turns, my karaoke, and lots of belly laughs filled our hour of quick sight seeing. The coziness of some houses, character that shaped some, and the lack of cars kept my eyes satisfied. It was such a fun hour we had together. David, not one who is into pictures had me cracking up, trying to satisfy my photo needs with a simple drive by, slowing down then off we went.


We stopped and had some fried shrimp and beer after our drive. Hands down the most buttery, fresh, fall off the tail shrimp. After we ate, we walked around the main street, wandering, feeling an escape we both needed. Being on Catalina made me feel like I was not near my home city, feeling far away, something I long for. We strolled down to the south end, stumbling upon a private beach paired with a walk up bar. We grabbed some beers, found a sandy spot and laid there. We didn’t say much for a while, just held hands while lying down. It felt nice to be silent, just listening to crashing waves. At times I forget to be in the moment. Stopping, breathing, taking it in. Before we knew it, our boat was docking to pick us up.


Catalina had no expectations for me, besides simply check it off my list. I had no idea going to a place with not much to do would be so good for the soul. I think David and I both needed a little day date with no agenda. The laughs, the ocean, the drinks, all made for a perfect recipe. Travel the unexpected.

iPhone pictures of our golf cart adventure.

iPhone pictures of our golf cart adventure.