spring flowers

Flowers on a Friday

“In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.”

-Kozuko Okakura


The Carlsbad Flower fields have basically lived on my radar since early summer of last year. I can’t help but laugh that I actually wanted to go when I don’t perceive myself much of a “flower girl”. They just don’t it for me. They are pretty for two days and boom they turn their noses to the floor. There was just something about abundant fields of flowers that caught my attention and persisted a need to go. So I did.


Lets just prelude to last summer when the idea struck. David didn’t bat an eye and drove us down south to Carlsbad. Well, with my lack of research, I failed to see it was seasonal. We drove right into yellow, dry fields, lacking in beautiful colors that the pictures had shown. Because I am never wrong (hehe), I persisted to drive around the area that this could just not be possible. Well folks, it was possible. I feel so bad for David getting sucked into my shenanigans and need to just go instead of planning and verifying this.


Flash forward to the week of my birthday. I had triple, maybe quadruple checked, making sure those flowers had sprung and I could finally walk amongst them. The fields were beautiful. The makeup of colors, transitioning as you walk higher, was just so cool. I completely take back being a flower girl after this trip. I loved the different grouped colors they paired together, the abundance of saturation. These fields are a bee’s haven, prominent pollinating going on here. I am totally looking into other flower fields in my area because Carlsbad just might have turned me into a believer of flowers.


This trip totally made up for my lack of planning and waste of a drive from last summer. David and I  enjoyed looking, learning, and snapping pictures. He even took over the camera and shot some of his own. I suggest if you get a chance to go visit the fields, make a day trip out of it.



Of course I had to get a snap of us too!



Happy Flower Frolicking Friends =]